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About Us

Our business began in Michigan in 1999 when golf simulators were just beginning to achieve the realism that avid golfers were looking for. Our first indoor center consisted of a putting green and four golf simulators. While the graphics and sophistication of today's equipment were not even close, it was clear to us that this was a growth industry with tremendous potential. In 2004 we began to sell, refurbish and service Full Swing brand golf simulators, making them affordable to teaching pros and home users alike. Through trial and error, we pieced together our first indoor video swing analyzer that could gather enough low light images to accurately view the club shaft. After many years of refinement, we can now offer affordable complete studios with many different brands, options and technologies saving our customers the expensive trial and error processes that we incurred ourselves. In the past year we formed a partnership with an equally innovative company in the indoor turf industry. We now offer hitting mats so realistic that you can actually use wooded tees, and synthetic rough that has multiple dimensions of color and thatch, just like real turf. With our expertise in these 3 areas, coupled with 8 years of golf teaching experience in our own indoor facility, we have an understanding and know how that you will not find from one company alone. Couple this with our ability to source and refurbish quality high-end simulators and we can put your facility together for a fraction of the cost you may expect.
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